leaves, lavender and flower.jpg
leaves, lavender and flower.jpg

The newest trend in decorating and weddings is the use of dried flowers.
So we have taken the flowers and grasses from our garden to the drying room to make Everlasting bouquets for you to continue enjoying our flowers in the winter.  We have pre-made bouquets to purchase, dried and pressed flowers for crafting   Crafting can be very therapeutic during these difficult times.
   Be sure to check out craft possibilities  

Visit our drying room (heated garage).   Available 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Monday through Saturday by texting 612-819-9180.   

little bouquet.jpg
dried flowers.jpg

Dried grasses and brightly colored flowers for bouquets.

trayed flowers.jpg

Desiccant drying for craft projects.

air dried.jpg

Air dried flowers for bouquets.


Pressed flowers for crafting.