Customer Reviews for Hurst Flower Meadow

*So fun!  We had a blast!  The food is wonderful.  Thanks so much"

------------------------------------------------------Jenny Masa  July 3, 2020

*Such a charming little place!  The food is delish and flowers so fun.  We'll be back"

------------------------------------------------------Shana Carter,  July 3, 2020

*Loved it!  A great way to escape stress.  Totally worth the price.  I got to be creative"

------------------------------------------------------Mariah Connally,  July 15, 2020

*Great assortment of flowers and greens.  Some I've never seen before.  Good conversation with gardner.  Great experience"    ---------------------------------------Sue Strand Bert,  July 15, 2020

"Thank you so much for the donated flowers.  They were a hoot.  Thank you for growing such lovely flowers"    --------------------------------------------------------------Prestige Assisted Living,  July 17, 2020

"The box of sachets arrived and of course, I had to open it.  The scents are fresh and so pleasing.  Soon the room was filled with a garden of lavender and other flowers.  It was my intent to stuff a few stockings, but i’m not sure they’ll all make it to December. 
You have a company you can be proud of and I’ll be back.  Count on it!
Thanks for the fast delivery.
Best wishes,Kay" 

 --------------------------------------------------------  Kay Finn, November 23, 2020