The purchaser of this pass will be given a code which allows him/her or any friend to pick flowers during regular business hours (Mon, Tues, Fri,  8 to noon) and also Saturdays 8 to noon (only available with those having a pass). Purchaser will be given a container on his first visit to use to pick the flowers and should use it each time she comes to pick flowers.  If the purchaser allows others to use her code, they should purchase a jar for $2 if not using the purchaser's container.  Picker should text the code each time they come to pick flowers.  Purchaser will be given telephone number upon purchasing their Pass.  It is the purchaser's responsibility to give guest the phone number and code in order for them to pick flowers using purchaser's pass.  No more than 2 can be using the Pass at the same time.  This does not include using the Vase Personalization Studio.

U-Pick Pass

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