Watering plants while on vacation

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

If you are someone who tends to travel a lot, I would suggest you transplant your plants into net pots that fit on decorative planters without holes. This way you can put water in your planter and use a wick that will go into your net pot which will keep your roots watered.

1. If you are starting out planting herbs, a plant or a flowering plant, I suggest you put your plants into net pots (they come in many sizesand shapes). If the net pot doesn't fit on the edge of your planter, you can insert another container, holding water and your net pot with plant, into your planter. The net pot should fit on your container. Use a lantern wick to transport the water into your plant. The wicks come in many sizes and should be free of chemicals To get your wick inside your net pot, snip a section of the net pot so your wick will go into the pot easily.

Snip here so wick will go easily into net pot. Do this before adding soil.

I wanted a small flowering plant so decided to plant marigold seeds into a 3 inch net pot inside a mason jar.

Mason jar with large lid

Add water to mason jar. Fill about 1./3 full

Wet wick and put through hole you made

Add moistened potting soil to net pot over wet wick.

Put hole in soil, add 4 seeds, cover with about 1/8 " of potting soil.

put wick into water as you fit net pot onto lid.


The warmest place I had was near the furnace. Seeds need warmth to germinate.

Four days later. Time to put under grow lights because it is too cloudy to put in south window.s.

Decided to try something new

2. If you have a plant in a planter, you can transport water to your plant by using a watering spike attached to a water bottle. If you have a planter with a hole, be sure to put a deep drip tray under planter to catch run off. The water will then be reabsorbed when bottle runs out of water. If planter does not have a hole, you should make sure there is at least 2" of pebbles at the bottom of your pot so that the roots are not sitting in a pool of water.

Here is a video that offers homemade solutions.

Bottle screwed onto watering spikes

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