Spruce up your metal containers with stencils.

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Snowing out today, so it is a good time to think about getting ready for spring. Since my artistic ability is limited, I decided to use a stencil to spruce up my metal vases and buckets. The stencil I bought has 3 choices of leaves to use. They are flexible and adhere to the bucket or vase so that it lies flat and you don't have to tape down or hold the stencil.

I opted for a pouncer instead of a paint brush because it worked best with the paint that I was using. Lesson learned: Do not use these paints on metal. As I was putting the pail to use, I smeared the paint and I had to wipe it off which was easy to do. Because I wiped it off, I am not sure how long it would have taken to dry if ever.

So I stenciled it again using Patio Paint that I had around he house which dried more quickly, but there were also a few areas that had run as I removed the stencil, not noticeable enough to do it again. It took overnight to dray.

These paints work great on fabric but not on metal. I eventually used the pouncer with acrylic to stencil leaves on the metal bucket.

The first paint I used that didn't work on my metal bucked worked great on fabrics. I stenciled a butterfly on an apron; however, the stencil I used had to be taped down to stay in place.

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