Shinrin Yoku

How lucky we are that only 45 minutes away, we can find ourselves lost in thought taking leisurely walks among the many trees in Glacier National Park, hearing the silence of the meadows, the soft ripples of the waterfall and the harmonious songs of the many birds nesting in those trees and smelling the fragrance of the wild flowers blanketing the sides of the mountains . Maybe that is why Montanans are known for their laid-back lifestyles and friendly smiles. Even though most of us don't have a name for it, we are practicing the art of Shinrin Yoku. Just look at many of the homes as you drive up the street. You might find a little green house replacing a kitchen window, a flower garden box to the side of a house or some flowers pots gracing the steps of someone's home. Why is that? If for just a moment, as we enter the kitchen, or walk by our garden box or take the steps into the house, we sense a calm. We are experiencing Shinrin Yoku.

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