Picture Pretty Puzzle

In celebration of our ordering 150 lavender plants that will be added to our lavender plot as soon as the snow melts and the sun rises, we put together a 20 x 30 foot puzzle of a Lavender field. It was not an easy task. We got the puzzle in September and finished it today. Since we realized it was not going to be done in an evening, I put it on a large piece of foam board so that we could put it away when we were not working on it.

20x30 inch Lavender puzzle

I will Mod Podge it, and put it in a frame made for puzzles. I have done this before on another puzzle.

I slid the puzzle onto wax paper, shook the Mod Podge bottle well, used a 1 inch brush, did the edges first and then went side to side making sure the puzzle was completely covered. I let it dry for about an hour and then did a second coat. Make sure it is completely dry before framing it.

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