New Garage Greenhouse

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

My newly arranged garage green house has more room. Last years green house was rather inefficient because I had the outdoor small green house in the garage. It was too big for the garage and it was hard maneuvering around it. This year I kept it outside to use to store things I might need, and then I moved it in the sun as spring arrived.

I divided my garage in half by screwing a 2x2 board to the ceiling the width of the garage and then attaching 6 mil plastic the span of my garage, hanging it on screws attached to the 2" x 2" board. I had put grommets in the plastic where I hung it on the screws so that the plastic wouldn’t tear.

2 x 2 board attached to ceiling

Grommet on plastic

Sweet peas and other seedlings in area near garage door.

I was glad I had separated the garage with the plastic. Even though I had insulated the garage door, it was still letting in cool air, and as the weather progressed from being quite cold outside to more mild temperatures, I could put some of my cool temp seedlings, such as sweet peas, in the area nearer the garage door It also allowed me to cool off the garage as it got too warm.

Garage door screen,with opening in middle with magnets for closing.

Of course I then had to think about letting in bugs when I wanted to keep the door open for circulation and cool air.. So I purchased an inexpensive garage door screen to attach to the outside, still allowing me to close the garage door.

I used 2 kinds of shelving. One was silver shelving (48”wide, 18”deep, 84”height) on wheels. The other one was a 24-in D x 48-in W x 72-in H 5-Tier Steel Freestanding Shelving Unit that I would never get again. It doesn’t roll and it was murder to put together. I also bought some tables from Home Depot that are 48” wide and the height is adjustable. I put the larger grow lights over them.

Silver shelving on left, black shelving on right. Table extends to accommodate standing.

I used the built-in shelves for heat mats and added 36" lights hung from the shelf.

I raised the 48" adjustable table and used the large florescent grow lights above it. I tried the wicking method for watering. I had a 48 x 24" piece of felt-like material (ordered wicking material off internet.) I set three cell packs filled with seedlings on the material that was placed on a giant plus gardening tray. I put about 1 foot of the material into a growing tray (reservior)filled with water. The only thing I have to do is keep the reservoir filled with water. It was an easy way of keeping the plants watered, but I hated giving up the space for a tray filled with water.

Lamp above 48" extended table with wicking system.

When the weather got into the high 40's, I moved my 5 x 8 plastic green house into the south sun and began growing lettuce, snap peas and herbs. It has a heater for the cold nights and a fan to keep air circulating. As it gets warmer, but still fearful of frost, I can move some of the seedlings into the green house to get them ready for planting in the garden.

I like having the green house in the garage. I don't have to go out in the cold to an outdoor green house to start my seedlings. It is worth it to park my car outside, especially this winter when there was so little snow.

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