Make your own floating frame.

You will need the following.

Glass glue or any glue that dries clear

Eye hooks

Washi tape (1/2", gold or silver)

2 8x10 (or your choice) glass (Frames from dollar store)

Dried flowers.


Pros: Inexpensive ($8 compared to $25)

Easy to make

Cons: Permanent. Can't switch flowers.

Directions: Pick out your dried flowers. They should be flat flowers, bulky won't work.

1. Glue flowers to one piece of glass with glue that dries clear. It doesn't take much glue because having the glass tight will hold the flowers in place.

2. Glue the two pieces of glass together on all sides, trying to keep glue within 1/8 inch of the sides.

3. Measure Washi tape to fit on the sides. Fold tape around sides making sure that 1/4" is showing on both sides. Be careful at the corners making sure they are squared off neatly.

4. Using a small eye hook, glue it to the top of your frame, making sure it does not drop below the Washi tape. You don't want to see it from the front.

5. Using a jump ring, connect chain to eye hook.

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