From RV to Cafe

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Follow us as we transform our HiLo RV to a food service vehicle.

Lavender/white paint. Put Hurst Meadow on roof with dark purple letters. (We have city airport near by.)

Beginning the process.

HiLo needing a bath with power presser washer

Inside of RV

Demolishing inside

Everything removed.

The wheel wells are in an inconvenient place.

The trouble with a HiLo RV is that the upper half is recessed so it can be lowered when traveling. Going to be difficult to put sanitary wall covering on walls. Time to get someone who knows something.

Power washed and one coat of Zinsser primer.

Painted Lavender and white. Sitting area for dining with boxes of Lavender on both sides.

We were lucky. A new neighbor just moved in and is starting his own construction business, so I hired him (Reilly, KOR Home Improvements, LLC) to renovate the inside of the RV.

I highly recommend Reilly.

Here is the progression of switching from RV to food truck.

Reilly put in a 7' Formica counter top and inserted 3-way sinks and double sink (prep and handwash)

Bathroom and kitchen before demolished. Has plumbing so sinks will be put here.

Gas water heater, pump and inverter were under sofa.

Sofa bed before demolished.

Took out gas heater and replaced with 5 gallon electric water heater.

Hi Lo walls are recessed so they can be lowered.

Reilly boxed in the window and stabilized the walls.

Wall stabilized and another window boxed in.

Reilly put in a 3' counter top (remainder of the 10' countertop) over the water heater etc.

Tire wells need to stay but covered.

Tire well being covered.

Reilly is putting FRP (favored by Health departments) panels on the walls and tire wells..

FRP added behind sink.

Day 5 &6

Below the sinks, FRP inclosed the piping. A grease trap was added to 3-way sink piping. Wheel wells were covered in FRP.

Connecting sink pipes to drain.

Grease trap between pipes from 3-way sink and drain.

Added drain from prep sink and hand-washing sink

Waiting for window to arrive from HomeDepot. Cheaper then buying mobile window.

Added new flooring linoleum panels simulating wood to give a cleaner look.

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