Flowers for 2020 summer

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

This time every year, I go to my favorite flower gardener Erin Benzakein, founder of Floret and author of the award-winning book, CUT FLOWER GARDEN and this years Times Best Seller A YEAR IN FLOWERS.

I like to see what new flowers she is growing and purchase my seeds from her. There are so many to chose from. Floret started selling their seeds January 7, so if you don't order around that date, many of her seeds are sold out.

Our seeds have arrived and I am having a hard time waiting to start them; but one of the problems with growing your own seeds is starting them too early. If you start too early, the seedlings outgrow their growing medium and one ends up repotting the seedling. Since our last frost date is considered May 22, most seeds should be started somewhere between 4 to 8 weeks before the last frost. ,Then you need to wait a week while the seedlings are hardened off before putting them in the ground. So I have until March to start most of my flower seeds.

On our face book page, we have offered to plant a few extra seeds if any of our followers find a variety they would like to try in their garden. The seedlings will be in 2 1/2 inch pots, ready to plant when picked up. Each 2 1\2" pot will be $3.98, which will be paid for when picked up. You are not obligated to purchase the seedling if you change your mind. Click here to view the flowers we will be planting for this summer. Email your selection(s) to

Since I have set up my garage-green house differently (more in another post) and can accommodate more seedlings, I am spending this winter time trying out some new techniques for planting seeds to see which would be the best to use. I have planted some herbs to experiment. First I planted some of the seeds in 3/4 inch soil blocks and then after germinating I transferred them to 1) a larger soil block, 2) a 2 1/2" plastic pot and 3) planted 3 or 4 in a 4" pot.. (More about this in another blog.) I also planted seeds in seedling trays (T150 trays) and then transplanted those seedlings into 4 inch pots and 6 inch pots to see which grew taller and fuller.

Now that I know what flowers I want in the garden, I need to figure out where they will be planted. Since our garden is in full sun, I selected flowers that needed full sun. Last year I started using the Old Farmer's Almanac garden planner. You can try it out for free, but I pay the yearly fee and it is well worth it.

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