Flower Garden in a Box

Thank you for buying our Garden in a Box with 12 seedlings of cut flowers for you to add to your prepared garden bed or your new garden bed. You can put your 4x4 garden anywhere. The height should be at least 12 inches. We suggest you put down a layer of cardboard, overlapping leaving no space for grass or weeds to sprout up, fill with a mixture of soil (don't use soil from yard) and compost and a little organic crab meal or bone meal for fertilizer.

Keep your seedlings in a south window or under a grow light until ready to plant. Our last frost date is May 22. Be sure to harden off your seedlings before planting. Video follows explaining "hardening off".

Here are a few suggestions for your flower bed that are easy to make using what you have around the house or purchase from your local lumber yards or box store.

Wooden Raised bed (Cedar is best and last longer, but fir is cheaper)

Other Ideas:

Hardening Off


Garden in the box for blog
PDF • 1.29MB

to download information for your flowers

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