A drone's eye view of our meadow.

I acquired the drone from my brother whose son had given it to him to use in his real estate business. Drones are not as easy to run as it appears, especially when you want to make sure it doesn't come crashing to the ground on its first flight and the memory of all the money you spent is all you have left. When my brother visited me he brought the drone with him. My son-in-law looked up the manual for the drone on the Internet and had it working in about 30 minutes, having no fear of it coming crashing to the ground. So after a few trial runs, he took a picture of our vegetable/flower garden and the flower garden in the meadow.

Next year we will take another video when we have filled up the south side of the meadow-garden with more perennials in place of the ground cover (Crimson Clover) which we planted this year to enhance the clay soil. Also, the north side isn't as full of annuals as we plan to have next year. In my blog " steps in preparing the meadow", I will explain how we incorporated the "lasagna" method of gardening. Usually, you wait one year before planting anything, but we decided to plant the seedlings I had from my "garage" greenhouse. Using the lasagna method was an after thought and I had already started the seeds last winter. This explains way the garden in the meadow might seem a little bare.

"Drum roll..........................) Our first adventure with our new drone.

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