Ideas for dried flower crafting.


Decoupage on canvas

vase lavender string art.jpg

String Art (any size)


Make a wreath.

yellow vase1.jpeg

Combine oil painting and dried pressed flowers on various size canvases .

fresh with dried1.jpg

Make a bouquet of dried flowers.

wood cut out1.jpg

Wood cutouts w/dried flowers.  Use it for a Christmas ornament.

hollyhock picture outside 1152x2304.jpg
hollyhockfloating frame3.jpg
floating picture.jpg

Design your own canvas using dried flowers from our studio and combining art.

Use an old frame you like and transform it into a floating frame using flowers preserved in their whole form.

Use our 12x12 hanging wooden plaque and design your scene.  We used pine cones for snowman, Bells of Ireland for hat and asparagus grass for tree.  Use your imagination.

Make a floating frame and use pressed flowers.  Directions here.

piece 1.jpg

Resin jewelry with birth flower.

Resin zipper pulls.


Combine photo and flowers to  resin jewelry.