In June of 2018, we ( my daughter and I) began the long journey of turning an area of the open meadow into a 40 by 100 foot wildflower garden and rejuvenating an overgrown 28 x 50 foot vegetable garden and readying a plot for 200 lavender plants. 

     As it turned out in the spring of 2019, the wild flowers were minimal and the weeds were prolific.  So we changed gears, added another 40x100 foot plot and planted the seedlings we had started in a garage turned greenhouse, and ordered some perennials from our local nursery.  We decided it would be best to wait until 2020 to open our business, but we did offer free to our community the opportunity for a u-pick experience the summer of 2019.  

     Around February of 2020, our garage turned greenhouse was full of seedlings ready to be planted in the spring.  The pandemic hit and spring got off to a slow start with the frost sticking around until the end of May.  It wasn't until late June and early July that the flowers were hardy enough to start picking.  By the end of July, all those slow blooming flowers were at their peak.  However, we were in the middle of the pandemic so all classes had to be canceled and the u-pick experience was available to limited numbers in the mornings.  In spite of these setbacks, we feel the community was glad we were here.  We had become a place of outdoor tranquility away from the worries of unemployment and business closures.  

     Our original plan of having a beautiful garden and soliciting the community to help us deadhead our flowers, the pandemic has taught us how valuable it is to our physical and mental health to be out in nature in regular doses.   So our emphasis has now turned to making our U-pick Flowers an outdoor experience with the added bonus of taking home a bouquet.  We now have a mobile Coffee Bar, serving specialty coffee drinks, tea and a few breakfast items, opening early enough to start your day with nature and an added bonus of taking a bouquet of flowers to work or to your home.   We close the flower garden in the winter but open our Dried Flower Boutique in the winter.

     As the season comes to a close, we begin preparing the flowers we dried during the summer for the winter Boutique.  The Boutique is located at 1847 N Belmar Drive #1.  Check the website and Facebook for more information. 

     Now you can get a dose of nature in the summer and winter--U-Pick Flowers in the summer and a U-Create with dried Flowers in the winter.


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Assistant and Intern

Aohdan Hurst, 9 year old

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