Hurst Flower Meadow LLC

U-Pick Flowers

1849 N Belmar Drive

Kalispell, MT 59901


A Dose of Nature Significantly Boosts One's Health.  

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We at Hurst Flower Meadow care about your well being!


Welcome!  We are a U-Pick flower garden providing our friends and neighbors in the community a reason to come out and experience the benefits of spending time in nature with the bonus of bringing home a bouquet. More information here.

Open this Saturday for our special.  

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U-Pick Pass


The Cafe is now open.  Enjoy a morning breakfast sitting in our outdoor cafe getting ready to meet your busy day.

Covid-19 update:  We are limiting the number who can pick their bouquet and visit our cafe so we can practice social distancing.   We offer a hand-washing station for your health safety.  No better place to be safe from the virus than to be outside.

“At the best of times, a garden is a place of joy, action and energy; in times of stress, it can be a haven of peace, solace and perspective." Nancy J. Ondra, Five Plant Gardens

The peaceful dew is the silent tears of the night that fall as it weeps softly for joy at seeing all the wonderful creations of the day.


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